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The establishment of a hospital-based Image Recovery Center® provides a number of key benefits for everyone, including healthcare providers, hospital leaders, staff, and patients. 

For the medical professional, an Image Recovery Center®:

  • Offers a convenient resource for addressing the many concerns that patients associate with changes to their appearance.
  • Reduces the amount of time patients spend managing their rehabilitation
  • Improves the patient’s mental health status and contributes to healing and survivorship
  • Compliments the quality of the service that medical professionals provide

For hospitals and hospital systems, an Image Recovery Center®:

  • Offers a flexible turnkey solution for providing image-enhancement services to complement existing oncology services
  • Creates a way for the oncology staff to interact with patients in a more personal, intimate setting
  • Enhances the facility’s current services without additional costs
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Provides an important component of cancer survivorship programs
  • Provides an additional Revenue source for the hospital
  • Is significantly more cost effective than building from scratch

For your cancer patient, having access to an onsite Image Recovery Center® means:

  • Convenient access to comprehensive treatment and cancer support services
  • Finding specialized products designed to enhance appearance during cancer treatment and recuperation
  • Receiving personalized advice and instruction from specially trained, caring staff who may suggest a variety of ways to minimize uncomfortable side effects
  • Having the ability to heal -- and thrive -- in ways that complement what medical treatments provide

You can download our information kit for more information here: Download Information Kit