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Cancer therapies, surgery, and illness often change the condition and texture of your skin, making it necessary to modify your normal skin care routine. It is important to address such conditions as increased dryness, itchiness, heightened sensitivity to sun exposure, inflammation, scarring, loss of body hair, increased sensitivity to skin products, and increased pigmentation. These are all possible side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgeries.

The skin on your body may become very sensitive, dry, itchy, and prone to irritation causing discomfort. We recommend that you modify your daily routine by using a gentle body wash, natural deodorants, lightweight effective body emulsifiers, and natural oils. Avoid the usage of a loofa sponge, body brushes, and any products designed to exfoliate or scrub the skin.

When showering or bathing, keep the water at a tepid degree, spend less time in the water to avoid drying the skin, and pat your body dry as opposed to harsh rubbing when drying off. Applying your body products while your skin is damp will help lock in moisture for better hydration. You will also need to take caution when outdoors in the sun and in extreme cold, as those conditions can aggravate your skin. Remember that sun protection products are not only for the summer, but they should be used as daily protection on any part of your body exposed to the rays.

A hydrated, well cared for body is a happy body.