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A cancer diagnosis and the prospect of cancer treatment is overwhelming, even for the most positive person. As you prepare to begin treatment for cancer, it is important to take some time to set your intentions, define your priorities, and identify opportunities for healing and support. Science tells us that psychological stress can affect the immune system, which is the body's defense against infection and disease including cancer. Reducing stress benefits us physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may find comfort in joining a support group, keeping a journal, reading, listening to music or a relaxation CD, taking a walk, having a cup of tea while burning a therapeutic scented candle, taking a Yoga class, or having a massage.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of tissue, which improves circulation and relaxation. Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive technique, free of side effects, that restores vitality, improves health, and can promote relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Reflexology uses the feet and hands as a map of the body, each part relating to a specific body area.

Relaxation not only feels great, but it can provide both physical and emotional benefits during and after cancer treatment. Become an active participant in your healing.