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1. Can I return to normal day-to-day activities after my treatment?

Normal day-to-day activities are great to do even during your treatment to help normalize your life. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor after treatment to see what dietary and physical restraints you may have during your recovery and beyond.

2. What types of things should I continue to do after treatment?

It is important to maintain healthy eating and exercising habits, as well as taking care of your skin to ensure that your skin recovers from any damage caused by your treatment. Our Pella Sana post treatment skin care regimen has been designed to aid in the recovery of your skin

3. Can I return to work right after treatment has ended?

This can vary by patients, but sometimes your doctor will allow you to continue working during treatment, just be sure not to ignore your side effects.

4. Is it normal to feel anxious when my treatment ends?

Yes, when treatment is completed, one often feels that they no longer have the reassurance and support received during treatment from their care team, which could cause you to feel anxious. However, in time with each follow up visit to your doctor, and as you begin to feel more like yourself you will become more assured and confident about your future. Post treatment support is available to help you through this period of your recovery, take advantage of those resources.