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1. What are some common side effects of cancer treatments that may affect my appearance?

Most of anti-cancer drugs affect quick growing cells such as the skin, hair, and fingernails. The side effects of cancer treatments can cause alopecia or hair loss, changes of the tone and texture of your skin, and it may compromise the healthy growth of fingernails.

2. What should I expect when I visit the Image Recovery Centers®?

During your visit at the Image Recovery Centers®, you will meet with an appearance expert that will provide you with guidelines and education about the possible changes your cancer treatment may cause, things you can do to prevent problems from occurring, and how we can best assist you on achieving a normal appearance throughout the course of your treatment and beyond

3. Does insurance cover my visit or the products I buy?

The consultation and all of your visits to the Image recovery Centers are free of charge, and an experienced staff member will assist you by contacting your insurance company to verify what coverage you may have available. Your insurance may cover a wig, breast related products, and compression garments. Other products such as headwear and skin care products are not covered by insurance

4. Do I have to verify my insurance before my visit?

No, because we know that you are inundated with a multitude of responsibilities related to your diagnosis, we are more than happy to provide that service free of charge to you as part of your consultation.

5. How long should I expect my initial consultation at the Image Recovery Centers® to be?

The initial consultation is normally 1 hour, however our experts are prepared to allow more time if necessary, so you will never feel rushed.

6. What are the qualifications of the staff at the Image Recovery Centers?

Our highly trained staff has received certifications, licenses, and extensive administrative training in the delivery of each individual area of service that you will encounter at the Image Recovery Centers.

7.  Do I need to be a patient at the particular hospital that provides Image Recovery services?

No, it is our policy that patients and survivors can be seen at any Image Recovery Center no matter where they at receiving their cancer care. You are also welcome to visit any location after treatment is finished if you have any residual issues to be addressed.

8. Do I need to make an appointment or can I walk in?

Ideally, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to ensure that your visit allows adequate time to address all of your needs, however, walk-ins are always welcome.

9. Can I bring family and friends with me for my visit?

Absolutely, and we encourage that you are accompanied by the folks with whom you are most comfortable.

10. How can I replenish my products?

You can replenish your products at any of our locations, by phone or on our website.

11. Do I need a referral from my doctor to schedule an appointment at the Image Recovery Center®?

No, there is no need for a referral, and we will contact your doctor if you should need a prescription for a wig, post mastectomy products, or compression products.