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Welcome to Image Recovery Centers

Image Recovery Centers®, where appearance, wellness, and cancer care converge.

We understand that having a positive self-image can help you feel better, boost your confidence, and allow you to focus on healing during cancer treatment. Each of our hospital-based Image Recovery Centers® (Find a Center), as well as this “virtual center,” offers a variety of specialty products and solutions, expert advice, and education. All of our resources are designed to help you minimize and manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, restore your self-image, and improve your quality of life.



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How We Can Help

Cancer and cancer treatment can dramatically alter a woman’s appearance and self-esteem. Image-care experts created our program with a passion for helping cancer survivors improve their quality of life. At our clinics we offer our specally formulated Pelle Sana Naturals skin-care and makeup, hair-care and scalp care products, clothing, personalized advice, and a host of solutions for the conditions that may be caused by anti-cancer drugs or the desease itself. The Image Recovery Centers® are more than just cancer boutiques or an on-line company selling products; our well-trained and caring staff will see you through your treatment with each change you may encounter to help you look and feel like yourself again.


At the Image Recovery Centers® we recognize the appearance and self-esteem challenges that men face as a result of cancer and cancer treatment. We provide a range of solutions specific to men such as Pelle Sana Naturals skin-care products, techniques for managing hair loss, confidential consultations, and other services designed to enhance your appearance and well-being during cancer treatment and beyond.


We know that teens can be highly sensitive to changes in body image and appearance due to cancer and cancer treatment. Our specialized products and services, available at our centers nationwide and on this website, are designed to help parents and teens manage anxiety about appearance, and focus on wellness and recovery.


At the Image Recovery Centers®, trained specialists provide a personalized appearance plan for cancer survivors during treatment and beyond. Compassionate care and expertise are combined to provide survivors with complimentary services, educational resources and product recommendations to manage the appearance-related side effects characteristic of cancer and associated therapies. Integrating this State-of The-Art program into your existing cancer services provides a safe environment in which experts are available to enhance the quality of life for both your patients and their families. This unique service is a must have in your cancer facility!


 We understand that when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, families and caregivers search for ways to help. The Image Recovery Centers® offer products and services that you can purchase, at one of our many hospital-based centers or through this site, to help your loved ones during a difficult time in their lives.