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Side effects from cancer chemotherapy will depend on the specific drugs, the dose of drugs and how you respond to the drugs. No two people experience the same side effect.

Specific information regarding side effects of your treatment will be provided to you by your cancer center staff.  It is important to know that most side effects can be managed or eliminated.  Most people are able to continue their normal routines including work with some modification.  Again your individual treatment plan and potential side effects will be discussed with you.

Some side effects you could experience include hair loss, reactions to your skin and nails, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, intimacy issues, anemia, mouth and throat changes, and diarrhea. Throughout our comprehensive guides, the Image Recovery Centers® will guide you through different methods to help prevent and eliminate side effects you may experience from your treatment. Our experts will discuss treatments that will help keep your skin, nails and scalp as healthy as possible before, during and after chemotherapy to support a speedy recovery.