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What are the benefits of a site license agreement? For one thing, Image Recovery Centers® will do much of the initial work for you. For instance, based on information from your feasibility study, we will provide the operational protocols, manuals, product formulary, access to product, vendor contracts, and other support materials that you may need. We will also build and oversee the implementation plan Utilizing Microsoft Project we build a customized plan that includes you facility’s assigned personnel, with target dates to enable you to open on time.   We provide facility planning review, an overall readiness assessment prior to start-up, and a 90-day post-implementation review and then an annual operational review of the center. 

Other reasons for licensing an onsite the Image Recovery Centers®:

  • The center is part of your hospital, which is more cost-effective than building a new facility.
  • Your hospital employees work in the center -- thus, the revenue and expense stream belongs to your hospital.
  • The image-enhancement program is part of patient treatment and survivorship care planning, not a retail operation.
  • You keep your hospital name and brand intact.

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To find out more about how our licensing agreement can benefit your hospital, please email Jerry Kelly or call 410.560.6891.