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If you or someone that you love has been diagnosed with cancer, your initial thought was more than likely "will I survive?"  Fortunately, the number of survivors has escalated due to research and the dedication of our medical community in finding cures. The challenge that one faces is to remain active, feel good and retain a sense of normalcy during treatment and recovery.

Through Image Recovery Centers, we provide you with a combination of highly trained experts as well as products that have been proven to deliver results. You can expect the highest quality and standards in our services and products. We pride ourselves in the ability to work in a synergistic fashion with you, your medical providers, family members and care takers in order to assist you every step of the way to your recovery and beyond.

The compassionate care delivered at the Image Recovery Centers® is designed to provide women, men, teens and children, along with their families and caregivers, with safe and helpful solutions for managing appearance and self-esteem issues, which are often brought about by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and the disease itself.

In our relaxed, private spa-like environment, you will receive a free, one-on-one appearance consultation with a clinically trained image-care expert. Consultations always include a complimentary head shave - for anyone who wants it - along with information on hair-loss management and head wear. We also include information on our specially formulated pelle sana Naturals skin care and make-up products. Fittings for breast prostheses, post mastectomy products and lymphedema prevention and management garments - along with massage, therapeutic manicures and pedicures - are also a part of the services that we offer.

Based on your specific needs, and working in collaboration with your medical providers, our caring and specially trained staff will develop an individual appearance enhancement plan to assist you throughout your course of treatment and beyond, in order to manage any visible changes that may occur along the way. 

We believe that by relieving your anxiety and concerns related to appearance, you will be better able to focus on wellness and recovery.