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1. What is holistic wellness therapy?

Holistic wellness therapies, known collectively as integrative health techniques, are aimed as symptom control and improvement of quality of life in order to ease distress during treatment.

2. How will cancer affect my desire to have sex?

Sexual desires affect every patient differently. It can give you a lack of desire to feel intimate, it can cause pain, it can begin premature menopause, and failure to reach orgasm in intimacy with your partner.

3. What factors can contribute to sexual function problems?

  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain or Loss
  • Fatigue or Pain
  • Financial stress
  • Tension between partners
  • Anxiety and depression

4. What types of lubricants are safe for me to use?

  • K-Y Jelly
  • Femigel
  • Astroglide
  • Lubrin
  • Moiset Again
  • Replens
  • Sylk
  • Surgilide

5. Are intimacy issues common for cancer patients because of body image issues?

Cancer can affect many aspects of an individual’s life that generally may temporarily depress your libido. It can be common for patients to experience intimacy issues during and after treatment.

6. Are there any suggestions for a healthy sex life and intimacy during cancer treatment?

  • Keep good lines of communication open with your partner.
  • Be patient, it takes time for emotions, feelings, and desires to adjust after the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.
  • Nurture a positive self-image, feeling good about yourself despite physical changes.
  • Allow your partner to help with applying the Emu Oil to scars from breast surgery or on a bald scalp.  This touching will pave the way for further intimacy.
  • Choose a time when you both have the most energy.
  • Soak in a warm bath together.
  • Verbally expressing love and kissing are powerful expressions of sexuality.
  • Intercourse may be painful because of vaginal dryness from chemotherapy, hysterectomy causing premature menopause, diminished hormones from medications such as Tamoxifen and radiation.  Talk to your gynecologist. Consider trying over the counter lubrications.
  • Vaseline’s and other petroleum based gels are not recommended because they are not water soluble.
  • Cancer therapies can lower immunity to infection. Notify your doctor if pain, burning, or discomfort occurs or persists.
  • Do not rely on so-called aphrodisiacs. They are a waste of time and money.