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Cancer therapies and the disease itself often change the condition and texture of your skin, making it necessary to modify your normal skincare routine. It is important to properly address such side effects which may include any of the following: increased dryness, heightened sensitivity to sun exposure, increased oiliness, inflammation, acne, rash, loss of hair (brows and lashes), and increased pigmentation. These changes can cause skin to appear dull, have a generally unhealthy look, prematurely age, and feel extremely uncomfortable.

Most of these adverse reactions can be minimized and even prevented if addressed in a timely fashion with a skin care regimen that is effective in repairing the skin and preventing further damage. Products need to do more than just smell and feel good; they need to protect, prevent future damage, and heal the skin.

In Marianne’s 20 years of serving cancer survivors, she continues to witness the struggle that survivors encounter regarding skin changes during and after treatment.  Her passionate quest to find safe and effective skincare products has resulted in the development of a new collection called, pelle sana (“healthy skin” in Italian) Naturals. 

These products have been created with nature derived, organic, botanical ingredients from plants and sea-extracts. A PhD possessing degrees in homeopathy, pharmaceuticals, and aromatherapy has formulated our products, which are made in the USA and never tested on animals. Pelle sana Naturals products are available for Women, Teens, and Men who desire healthy skin during cancer treatment and beyond.

We invite you to visit an Image Recovery Center for a complimentary skin care consultation with one of our highly trained experts.  You will be educated about skin care solutions appropriate for your treatment protocol and any current problems or concerns you may be having. If you are not near a Center, you can purchase the products through our online virtual Center.