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 Jerry's Blog

20 is the magic number!  As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Image Recovery Centers®, we have established more than 20 Centers nationwide and provided appearance services to more than 20,000 patients at our Baltimore company operated Centers. This has been extremely humbling as well as rewarding.

Having served as a hospital executive for over 40 years, along with the personal experience of being a father of a child with leukemia and the spouse of a brain tumor survivor, I have reached a place that finally allows me to feel qualified to assist in your efforts to address the wide range of appearance related challenges of cancer survivors both during and after treatment. 

Simultaneously, we have now launched our new website that will allow us to share with you the best practices that we have gained in our daily delivery of appearance services at the Image Recovery Centers®. This website will focus on education for patients, caregivers, and family members as well as professionals at every level of patient care. At the conception of our company, our initial objectives were to: (1) provide educational resources regarding appearance issues and safe products for the vast majority of cancer patients and; (2) assist cancer care providers in the facilitation of appearance services within treatment protocols through the establishment of a center for appearance rehabilitation. 

We take pride in saying that we have never wavered from these principles and they remain our company objectives to this day.

Throughout these blogs I will discuss many important topics, such as, the critical steps in establishing an Image Recovery Center® at your facility, how to upgrade an existing “Boutique”, provide billing and collection expertise for these services and products, exploring financial decisions, and how to develop effective operational protocols that have been proven to be the guidance that you need. These topics are the key to success for our Image Recovery Centers® in assuring that the Centers are planned and maintained properly with expert advice and a very individualized plan appropriate for your facility. 

The sincere vision of our company is to assist you to make an investment in your cancer patients’ quality of life.  The fact that you are reading this Blog, indicates to me that you are a person that cares and more than likely determined to provide solutions for these life altering issues for your survivors.  Let’s do it together.

To contact me with comments or questions about any blog posts, please email me here.

Jerry – CEO