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A successful appearance recovery starts at The Image Recovery Centers, where you will learn how to minimize the cosmetic side effects of medical treatment and illness.

Our Centers offer a host of complementary services in a safe hospital environment by highly trained experts. Our comprehensive consultation provides you the first steps to navigating you through the expected appearance changes during and beyond treatment. A head shave is offered when hair loss begins, and a trained team member will assist you in selecting a wig and appropriate headwear. The individualized care you receive allows us to customize the style and fit of your wig.  Our makeup lesson includes an assessment of your skin with recommendations and matching of cosmetics as well as techniques on creating eyebrows. Nail care techniques and tools are discussed and demonstrated.

A certified fitter is always available to measure you for pre-and post-mastectomy surgical garments, prosthesis, intimate apparel, and for preventative and lymphedema garments.

You will learn about the importance of: maintaining healthy skin by using products with safe ingredients, oral hygiene preventative measures and products, effective nutritional supplements, recommended exercise, and relaxation techniques during cancer treatment and beyond. Our experts will assist with wardrobe recommendations should you experience unwelcomed changes such as weight shifts, premature menopausal symptoms, body altering changes due to surgery, or any appearance related concerns regarding your clothing and dress during and beyond treatment.